Climate Science in the Media

What are Americans learning about global warming from the news media?

NICE investigates and finds that basic climate facts appear in The New York Times with vanishingly small frequencies.

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The Challenge

Global warming is arguably the most urgent crisis of our time, yet the public is largely uninformed on the basic facts of the issue. As a result, the United States has been a roadblock to international progress on global warming for the better part of the past thirty years. A public that knows and accepts the basic facts is a prerequisite for confronting the climate crisis.

Climate Facts

The climate problem

It is important to know what causes global warming, how big the problem is, and how long it lasts:

The climate solution

It is important to know that, to halt global warming, we must rapidly:

NICE Communication Pathways

Climate journalism
Supporting climate journalism that is focused on the basics of climate science and climate solutions via fellowships and training for journalists
Media research
Analyzing the communication of climate science and climate solutions in traditional news outlets and social media
Social-media campaigns
Communicating basic climate facts through social-media campaigns with trusted in-group messengers
Cognition research
Researching the cognitive processing of climate facts, particularly by those predisposed to disbelief
Scientist training
Helping scientists to clearly and consistently communicate the basic facts of climate change and its solutions
Public art
Raising awareness with public art installations that bring attention to the big-picture magnitudes, timescales, and processes of global warming

The Team

NICE's experts span the disciplines relevant to science communication, including psychology, climate science, education, journalism, marketing, science cognition, and media studies.

NICE Journalism Fellowship

Apply for the 2019-20 Journalism Fellowship

Incorporate basic facts of climate science and/or climate solutions in a work of journalism this academic year as a NICE Journalism Fellow. Open to members of the UC Berkeley community. Click here to learn more.

Assistant Video Producers

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Take the lead in developing, producing, and editing NICE videos with assistance from NICE faculty and a professional video production company. Open to members of the UC Berkeley community. Click here to learn more.